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The Bobhead® story.

Robby Osselaer and Sofie Schrauwen knew what they wanted to create from the start: quality hairstyles with flair. Creative, edgy, and straight-up gorgeous.

Our motto? Rock & roll is in the (h)air.

Our hairdressers are artists, but they’re also results-driven like no other. We’ll dream up your new look together with you. You’ll walk away with exactly what you expected…or we’ll blow your mind with something totally different. It all depends on how much free reign you give us.

Another constant: quality, we take pride in that. That means we work with the best sustainable hair products and cutting-edge techniques. In the Bobhead® Lab, the beating heart of our salon, we experiment and push boundaries. Our team mixes new inspiration with their own styles and ideas. Positive vibes guaranteed.

Want to know more? Get inspired by our Bobhead® Lab. Or contact us directly for the full Bobhead® experience!

The 5 Bobhead® commandments

So how does our team provide the ultimate hairstyling experience? It all comes down to 5 commandments every Bobhead® hairdresser holds sacred:

  • Thou shalt combine the wishes of the client with thine own techniques and ideas
  • Thou shalt always give professional (care) advice
  • Thou shalt offer customers something to drink
  • Thou shalt always go the extra mile
  • Thou shalt be totally honest

Experience Bar Buur

The best Bobhead® experience combined with a tasty bite. Feel free to enjoy a smoothie, salad or pastry while being styled by our professionals. And don't be afraid to tell your friends about it. #freeWiFi

  • Drinks, pastries & sandwiches
  • Free wifi
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